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Senator Stabenow Hosts Michigan Business Leaders at National Job Creation Roundtable

Press Release

Location: Unknown

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow, Co-Chair of the bipartisan Senate Manufacturing Caucus, hosted Michigan business leaders today at a national job creation roundtable in Washington D.C. P.J. Thompson, President of Holland battery component manufacturer Trans-Matic, and Tim Bryan, Chairman and CEO of Detroit IT innovator GalaxE.Solutions were on hand to discuss what their companies are doing to create jobs and what national efforts are working to support businesses. The roundtable included other Senators and job creators from across the country.

Senator Stabenow said: "Michigan businesses and entrepreneurs are leading the nation in clean energy patents, advanced battery production, and other high-tech industries helping to transform our economy to create new jobs. It's only fitting that Michigan business leaders had a seat at today's national roundtable on job creation. I was pleased to host P.J. and Tim who discussed how public-private partnerships are creating new jobs, and shared ideas for how to support American businesses."

P.J. Thompson, President of Trans-Matic said: "Trans-Matic is actively partnering with other companies in West Michigan to expand manufacturing, invest in new technologies like advanced batteries, and develop a skilled workforce. Senator Stabenow has been a champion of national policies that help us leverage private capital investment in high-tech products and lower taxes to create new jobs. We hope more lawmakers in Washington join with Senator Stabenow in these areas to boost job creation across the country."

Tim Bryan, Chairman and CEO of GalaxE.Solutions said: "As the demand for increasingly complex IT systems increases, offshore-based IT firms are challenged in providing quality, innovation and other efficiencies onshore. This represents a tremendous opportunity to bring IT jobs back to the U.S. through programs such as "Outsource to Detroit'."

Trans-Matic produces metal containers for lithium ion batteries for customers including Johnson Controls, Saft, and other battery makers worldwide. Established in 1968 in Holland, Michigan, Trans-Matic employs more than 265 people with a wealth of industry intelligence gained over many years, designing and manufacturing some of the most complex components in the marketplace.

Last summer at Trans-Matic, Senator Stabenow unveiled her Battery Innovation Act, the first coordinated plan that incorporates all aspects of advanced battery production, from research and development, to the availability of raw materials, to the manufacturing of these high-tech products. The Act builds off of initiatives authored by Senator Stabenow in 2009, which made Michigan the battery capital of the world. Last December, a key provision of her Battery Innovation Act was signed into law creating a national battery innovation hub to spur advanced battery development and high-tech jobs.

Based in New Jersey, GalaxE is a global IT custom systems developer focused largely on healthcare. In April 2010, GalaxE opened a new development center in downtown Detroit where it is creating the next generation of high-tech IT software. The company was the recipient of a Michigan MEGA grant, contingent on hiring 500 IT professionals to its Campus Martius offices at 1001 Woodward, within the next five years. To date, GalaxE has hired approximately 150 individuals in Detroit with immediate openings for an additional 200. GalaxE is a member of the Detroit Regional Chamber and Automation Alley.

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