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State of the Economy after 1000 days with No Budget


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Coincidentally, today, the day the President will give his State of the Union Address to Congress, marks 1,000 days since the Senate performed their constitutional duty and passed a budget. To put that in perspective 1,000 days ago, we did not know what an iPad was. In 1,000 days, the U.S. Constitution would have been drafted, approved, and enacted…twice.

Tonight, my colleagues and I will listen to yet another campaign speech from the President, a speech that will promise economic recovery through the same tired tax and spend mentality that got us in this mess in the first place. The President will speak of fairness brought about by everyone paying their fair share, but in America, fair means equal opportunity and a level playing field, not equal results through wealth redistribution.

We have heard this speech before. It has been three years since the President took office and promised to bring sweeping change to Washington. And what change did we get? In three years of the Obama economy...

Unemployment has been stuck above 8 percent

Gas prices have doubled

Almost 2 million more Americans are out of work

Our national debt is now greater than the size of the economy for the first time since World War II

One in seven Americans are on food stamps--the highest at any time in our history

The President promised to cut our deficit in half, but instead it has more than doubled

The President's policies have failed over and over again, and he is making the economy worse. Tonight, when you hear him speak of American greatness you have to ask yourself, "are we really greater now then we were three years ago?"

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