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Thornberry Reacts to President's 2012 State of the Union Speech


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) issued the following statement after President Obama's State of the Union speech:

"I was disappointed to hear very little in the President's remarks that displayed strong leadership and serious solutions that would help us get the economy moving. He proposed lots of new programs and lots of new tax breaks that would mostly benefit those willing to submit themselves to more government control. But none of these suggestions really offered a clear path toward fixing the economy and creating jobs.

One thing I did agree with, and I think most Americans would as well, is the success of the military--whether it be the Osama bin Laden raid or the daily defense of our freedoms. I also agree we need an all of the above energy strategy to improve both our national and economic security. But I wish his actions matched his rhetoric on energy issues and many others.

Most of us were taught at an early age that you must learn from your mistakes. I think the evidence is clear that this President's policies have not worked. Yet, despite these failures, he is not willing to turn around and take on the big issues facing our country. I hope he will reconsider his approach, get government out of the way, and take a different path that considers economic opportunity for all Americans."

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