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Congressman André Carson to Oppose Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman André Carson released today the following statement opposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA):

Over the last few days, I have received countless letters, phone calls, and emails from constituents expressing their concerns over the Stop Online Piracy Act. I appreciate the many Indianapolis residents who have engaged in this debate, and their input was critical as I assessed this legislation.

I will not support SOPA. Online piracy is a serious problem and we must protect American intellectual property, but this bill goes too far. SOPA would adversely affect critical service providers like Wikipedia, eBay and PayPal, opening them up to civil and criminal prosecution. It would stifle the online creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship that have given us some of the greatest advances in information accessibility and commerce.

Going forward, I am willing to consider any other bill regarding online piracy if it addresses those breaking the law and does not risk harming an open and free internet.

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