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Hall Disapproves Debt Limit Increase, Reaffirms Commitment to Cut Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Today Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) voted with the House Majority to pass H.J.Res. 98, The Debt Limit Disapproval Resolution, which passed 239-176.

"As the House begins the second session of the 112th Congress, today's vote demonstrates Republicans' continued goal to cut spending and reduce the deficit," said Hall. "America is in its current debt crisis due to Washington's spending problem. With the President's efforts to raise the debt limit for the sixth time since taking office, this will result in a total increase of $5.1 trillion in debt."

Hall continued, "I voted 'no' on The Budget Control Act on August 1st, 2011 to increase the debt limit. Today, I again voted to oppose another such increase of $1.2 trillion. I am also not in favor of the continued use of CRs (continuing resolutions) - especially when the Congress was given plenty of time to carry out its constitutional duties. CRs are used to operate our government by resolving to operate next year the way we did last year because they can't get together this year. This type of action spawns the 84% disapproval Americans have for the way Congress operates.

"We cannot create jobs and strengthen the economy by spending more money. The President's stimulus and increased spending over the past three years did nothing to reduce the unemployment rate, which remained above 8.5% for over 35 months, and has only hindered America's economic recovery.

"Today's resolution states the House's disapproval of the President increasing the debt limit. As this new year gets underway, representing my constituents' concerns remains my top priority. I will continue to focus my efforts on promoting job creation, cutting spending, and reducing the deficit to provide American families with the confidence they need."

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