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Issue Position: Job Creation

Issue Position

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Washington has failed to create jobs because politicians do not understand how the free-market operates. Government has no resources of its' own, it only has the power to take from some citizens to give to others. In the process of this redistribution, government destroys efficiency, productivity, and principle of liberty. Therefore, my plan to create 15 million permanent, non-government jobs focuses on how to unleash the power of the American entrepreneur. This starts with charging each Congressional committee with reducing the regulations under their purview by 50%, embarking on the most aggressive tax reform policy in American history, and removing government subsidies, loans, and intervention into the free-market.

I have spent my career in business, education, and law over the past 3 decades. I offer one of the best business resumes of anyone that has ever ran for public office. I have been a managing-partner at UPS, taught business efficiency principles to UPS' top management, started a successful law firm, and taught our future leaders the very principles I will bring to Washington. It is this experience that differentiates me from anyone else in this race.

I am the only candidate in the race who has put forth a specific plan on how to create jobs. Specifically, I propose:

Create energy jobs by reducing the permitting time for windmills, nuclear plants, and off-shore drilling platforms by at least 75%.

Restore manufacturing jobs by charging each Congressional Committee with reducing regulations under their purview by 50%, including the top 10 most cumbersome regulations in each industry.

Establish free-tax zones for new manufacturing companies.

Repeal Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank Regulations.

Stop loaning taxpayer money to private companies. If it is to continue, the priority should be funding small and medium sized businesses, not multi-billion dollar corporations.

Reduce the Corporate Tax rate by 15% and mandate that the business tax code not to exceed 10 pages.

End frivolous litigation by initiating tort reform capping punitive damages and mandate that the losing party cover the winning party's attorney fees.

Audit and reform the Environmental Protection Agency and National Labor Relations Board.

Conduct monthly audits of the Federal Reserve and make all records and decision papers for the past decade public information.

Aggressively pursue all trade-agreements that are fair and in the best interest of the nation.

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