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Keystone XL Pipeline

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, it is important that as soon as we get back here today, it is our first day back, that we get back on the focus of creating jobs in this country. And not jobs that government says we can create, but sustainable jobs that are created by the private sector; private capital assuming risk, hoping for a return to get economic growth. There's no better opportunity to do that than with the Keystone XL pipeline.

This is what we're talking about. Here's the oil up here in Edmonton. There's already a pipeline that goes down into my district actually, Patoka, a refinery in Wood River, and a new refinery also in the central eastern part of the State of Illinois.

The Keystone XL would be this blue line, which will bring more crude. Why do we need another pipeline, a bigger pipeline? Because there's so much crude oil up there in Canada, and they really don't have the ability to refine it, they really don't have the ability to market it. Let's get this crude to U.S. refineries so that we can then access it to our markets.

The great thing about the folks from the Midwest, as you had Mr. Terry, you had Mr. Latta, we already understand the benefits of the Keystone pipeline because we're already receiving the product to our refineries.

This is the oil sands. It's just oil that coats sand. And they boil it off, they recover the froth, they turn it into a liquid product called bitumen. And then it eventually gets turned into synthetic crude, and that's what we're talking about.

The third-largest oil reserves in the world are right here. How do you get it? A lot of times you do it through surface mining. Here's an example. Now the trucks are actually a little bit bigger in the mining operation, they're about seven stories tall--the tires are at least one story tall--built by a U.S. company called Caterpillar, located in Illinois. And that's where many--50 percent--of all these heavy dump trucks go, to mining operations around the world. One of their bigger markets right now is right in Canada.

Robinson Oil Refinery is the other refinery in Illinois. It's receiving the oil sands product, moving it into a product to meet to the market. So these are real jobs at a real time that will create real jobs--20,000 immediately, and as my colleagues have said, ancillary jobs.

You have pumping stations. You need to build the pumps. You've got to have the electricians that operate it. So this is something--private capital, return on investment, energy security. The President says he believes in the free flow of oil when he's trying to address Ahmadinejad in Iran and the Strait of Hormuz. There's no better free flow of oil than permitting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I yield back the balance of my time.


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