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Issue Position: Jobs Creation

Issue Position

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It is urgent that we put people back to work in America.

This high unemployment hurts the people who want jobs but can't find them. It hurts their families, trying to make ends meet, trying to hold onto their homes. It hurts our communities. It is holding our economy back from the strong recovery we need. It is a major cause of our federal deficit.

Wise government policy CAN get us out of this ditch.

American corporations have hired lots of people since the recession bottomed out. Unfortunately, they've done their hiring overseas. With the right policies, the government can change the incentives for these corporations so that American companies provide jobs to American workers.

Our infrastructure is in bad shape. A few years ago, our engineers gave it a grade of D. Now is the perfect time for governments to spend the money to give us an infrastructure suitable for a great country in the 21st century. The private sector is sitting on its capital and won't be squeezed out of the credit markets by this investment in our infrastructure. And this investment will put people back to work and help revive the larger economy.

America will pay a high cost, over the long term, for allowing this high unemployment to damage the life-prospects of our youth, who should now be finding their place in the American workplace. Three generations ago, during the Great Depression, the government stepped in with jobs programs that helped the youth of that era develop good work habits and feel part of the larger American enterprise while also contributing to the nation. We can do that again, until the private sector is ready to hire them.

These are but some of the available solutions. But with our current politics, good ideas cannot get enacted.

The Republicans took over Congress in 2010 promising job creation. But since they've been in power, they've blocked every measure that would put people to work. Their ideology insists on the nonsensical notion that government cannot create jobs (though that's who issues THEIR paychecks).

The American people have told pollsters that getting people back to work is their top priority, not the cuts that actually kill off more jobs.

America needs Democrats in Congress who will fight harder so that all Americans have the opportunity to fulfill their God-given potential and contribute their best to a prosperous American community.

I am running for Congress in Virginia's 6th District to be one of those Democrats.

It's time that the needs of the American people came first in the halls of Congress, not the wants of those who have the most.

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