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Statement by Senator John McCain on President Obama's Visit to Arizona Today


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) released the following statement on President Obama's visit to Arizona today:
"I welcome President Obama to the great state of Arizona today. During his visit, I hope the president takes in some of the incredible beauty and history of our state. But most importantly, I encourage him to sit down with hardworking Arizonans and hear first-hand about the painful challenges they're facing in this economy.

"While President Obama is in Arizona today, I urge him to tear himself away from his taxpayer-funded campaign stop for just a few hours to finally make his first-ever visit to the Arizona-Mexico border. It's a quick flight, and I'm sure the citizens living there, who struggle every day with the consequences of a porous border, would appreciate the president finally acknowledging that securing the border is a top priority for the federal government.

"Unemployment in Arizona is 8.7 percent overall, and much higher in certain areas of the state -- including 23.7 percent in Yuma County in southern Arizona. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration's recently-enacted Arizona mining ban perversely promises to kill hundreds of jobs. Despite the president introducing several failed housing plans, nearly half of all homeowners in Arizona remain underwater on their mortgages -- meaning the home is worth less than the mortgage.

"Arizonans know we need a new approach to turn this economy around, create the jobs our citizens so badly need, address the housing crisis and ensure that people living along our southern border can feel secure in their homes. I sincerely hope that the President will use his time in Arizona to talk to the people that are suffering the most under his Administration's failed policies -- not just fly through on the way to his next campaign stop."

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