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Shuster Statement in Response to the President's State of the Union


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman issued the following statement in response to the President's State of the Union Address:

"President Obama delivered exactly what I expected to hear: a campaign speech long on rhetoric but painfully short on specifics.

For the President to talk glowingly about creating a new American economy "built to last," he must first come to grips with what his policies have already torn down.

Since President Obama took office, he has presided over an economy in decline with record unemployment, greater dependence on government assistance and less optimism for the future. The President's decision tonight to frame his political revival on the economics of division, class warfare and wealth redistribution will not build a better future.

My vision and that of my Republican colleagues is not an America that punishes success. Our vision for America is focused on empowering every American who works hard and plays by the rules to earn success without the federal government holding them back.

Our vision begins with the Republican Plan for America's Job Creators. 30 pieces of legislation from our plan have already passed through the House and await Senate action. I encourage everyone to read the plan in its entirety at and call on the Senate to act on it to create jobs and economic opportunity."

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