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Expressing Sense of House Regarding Federal Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. AUSTIN SCOTT of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, as I heard the gentleman from Oregon speaking of debt, doubt, despair, decline, I couldn't help but think that all of those words start with ``D,'' just as ``Democrat'' does, and ``recovery'' starts with ``R,'' just as ``Republican'' does.

Now, Mr. Speaker, the President presented a budget, and that's a fact, and the House passed a fiscally responsible budget. The Senate defeated both of those budgets and then failed to produce an alternate.

Republicans in the House stand willing to work and want to move to regular process. Senator Reid has closed that door at every opportunity.

Today, we call on the President to appeal to the Senate in his State of the Union address tonight to ask the Senate simply to pass a budget. Without a budget, there is no plan. With no plan, that means no recovery, and no recovery means no new jobs.

Mr. Speaker, Americans did not send us here to play the same tired old games that Senator Reid continues to play. They sent us here to get something done for this generation.

This is my son, Wells. He's 12 years old. Our class represents over 300 children and grandchildren. Now, times are tough, but Americans are tougher, so the future of America is bright. But today is 1,000 days that this country has operated without a Federal budget.

I understand the majority leader likes to say that we don't have a budget because of House freshmen, but that's simply not true. When we arrived in Washington, we were sworn in just over a year ago, and America had operated at that time without a budget for 678 days. Our freshman class knew we could do better than that, and we did better than that, Mr. Speaker. We passed a budget in the House, and we call on the President tonight to ask the Senate to fulfill their job for the American people and simply pass a budget.


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