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Woodall Statement on White House Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) issued the following statement on the President's failure to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline Project:

"Today, the President rejected an opportunity to create close to 118,000 jobs. He rejected an opportunity to take a giant step toward North American energy independence. Republicans have passed bill after bill to achieve energy independence and create American jobs, but so far, Senate Democrats have refused to act and this President has done nothing to help. With this truly "shovel-ready' project sitting on his desk--a project that will bring jobs and energy security to this nation--the President squashes it, claiming that three years has not been enough time for him to decide. Instead of working with one of our closest and most trusted allies, Canada, President Obama has again chosen to put politics above the national interest. The millions of American citizens he has hurt with this decision will make a decision of their own next November. The President has clearly forgotten whom he serves as he does the bidding of radical environmental lobbyists rather than serving Americans seeking jobs and lower energy costs. Sadly, with the President rejecting this offer of energy from Canada, I expect Canada will now offer its oil reserves to other countries like China, and the President will continue America's oil buying from Venezuela and the Middle East."

"Today's decision suggests to me that the President is putting politics above policy, and that sadly this is a pattern that he seems likely to continue for the whole of 2012. When he chooses politics over people, America loses."

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