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Woodall Responds to President's Debt Limit Increase Request


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) issued the following statement in support of H.J.Res.98, a resolution of House disapproval of the President's request for an increase in the nation's debt limit:

"Last summer, the House and the President worked together to pass the Budget Control Act in a good-faith attempt to get Washington's financial house in order. This Act required sacrifices on both sides of the aisle. In exchange for giving the President an initial increase in the debt limit, the House expected the President to work with us in passing a Balanced Budget Amendment and positively influencing the members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to make real spending cuts."

"President Obama's request for another debt limit increase is a harsh reminder to everyone that while the House did its part, the President has failed to do his. Rather than sitting at the table with House leaders and with the members of the Super Committee to find common ground for our nation's fiscal future, the President got the debt limit he wanted and walked away. The President abandoned his roles both as partner and leader in charting a path to prosperity for America. As a result, the Balanced Budget Amendment was defeated by Democrats in Congress and the Super Committee failed to endorse even the tamest of solutions to our nation's debt woes."

"My colleagues and I have gone to great lengths to work with the President to chart a path to prosperity and reduce our nation's debt. Unfortunately, the President is only heard from when he wants to borrow money. As such, I voted against allowing him to increase our debt further and in favor of today's resolution of disapproval."

H.J.Res. 98 is a resolution of disapproval of an increase in the statutory debt limit of $1.2 trillion dollars--from $15.194 to $16.394 trillion. This will be the sixth increase in the debt limit since President Obama assumed office, totaling $5.1 trillion in increases, increasing America's debt burden by more than 45%.

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