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Lankford: 1,000 Days Late, $15 Trillion Short


Location: Washington, DC

After witnessing President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) remarked on the Senate's inability to complete a budget in 1,000 days and the President's unwillingness to do the work necessary to pull our nation out of the economic malaise.

"One year ago, I sat in the House chamber as a newly elected Member of Congress ready to begin the hard work of tackling our skyrocketing debt, reforming government and growing the economy," said Congressman Lankford. "Nearly 365 days later, President Obama's grand promises and vague proposals have left us with economic instability, an 8.5% unemployment rate and over $15 trillion in debt. The Senate's 1,000-day budget evasion has added to the fiscal uncertainty. It is one thing to have trillions of dollars in debt, but it is quite another to be completely lacking a credible plan to fix the debt problem. As long as the President and the Senate avoid doing their jobs, our economic situation will continue to get even worse. We must have a real plan to permanently stabilize our safety net and pay off our national debt. Fair economic policy allows people to keep their hard-earned money and provides the poor with a realistic opportunity to escape the trap of government-induced poverty.

"In 2011, the President talked about the need for corporate tax reform that removes loopholes and lowers rates, but he offered zero proposals for achieving those goals during the past year. Tonight, the President once again said we should pursue energy independence, but he recently rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline and his administration has fought traditional energy production at every turn," continued Congressman Lankford. "The President verbally shares my concern for the debt, but he also announced that the White House will delay his release of the Fiscal Year 2013 budget. If we are going to make any progress on the goals outlined tonight during 2012, the President must end the rhetoric and get involved. Dividing America to gain political advantage may be shrewd politics, but it does not help pull our nation out of our malaise or provide our children with better opportunities for the future.

"Hard-working American taxpayers need the freedom and flexibility to make decisions that are right for their families and communities. It is well past time for us to put our faith in those who have the most invested in the future of our country: the American people. More Washington control will not help our nation; it will only push those in poverty deeper into helplessness and maintain our current path toward economic collapse. Our children's future depends on the current generation of leaders making the difficult decisions today," concluded Congressman Lankford.

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