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Congressman Frank Lucas Hails Passage of Debt Limit Increase Disapproval Resolution


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Frank Lucas today joined his House colleagues in the United States House of Representatives in voting for passage of H.J. Res. 98, The Debt Ceiling Limit Increase Disapproval Resolution. This legislation provides for disapproval of a $1.2 trillion increase in our nation's statutory debt limit.

"I am pleased the House of Representatives passed this resolution to disapprove of President Obama raising the national debt ceiling, yet once again," said Lucas. "This debt increase marks the sixth increase in the debt limit since Obama took office. We cannot continue down this path of reckless spending in Washington.

"Americans are constantly finding ways to balance their checkbooks and live within their means, and it is time for the federal government to do the same. Currently the nation's debt is greater than the value of the entire U.S. economy. The President needs to put a stop to the idea that spending borrowed government money will somehow solve this economic disaster.

"It is time for leaders in Washington to come up with real common sense solutions for dealing with this enormous debt problem. Continuing to shovel money out the door and borrow from hard working citizens will not work. We need to make serious cuts in government spending and stop allowing President Obama to borrow more money from the federal government. This is the only way to solve our current economic crisis. I hope the Senate will pass H.J. Res. 98 and send it to the President's desk for his signature."

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