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Hensarling Statement on Latest Unemployment Report


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Congressman Jeb Hensarling, Chairman of the House Republican Conference Chairman, issued the following statement today regarding the latest unemployment report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the need for Democratic leaders to support the House Republican Plan for America's Job Creators.

"Despite false assurances that the president's trillion-dollar "stimulus' bill would keep the jobless rate from surpassing 8 percent, unemployment has now been higher than 8 percent for 35 straight months.

"As of last month, when we include the number of Americans who have given up hope and are no longer looking for work, along with those only able to find part-time work, the nation's "underemployment' rate is a devastating 15.2 percent--totaling 23.7 million Americans.

"Senior Democrat leaders wrongly claimed that each of their signature policies would boost economic growth and job creation--from the taxpayer-funded "stimulus' to Dodd-Frank to the government takeover of health care. Democrats were wrong, their policies failed, and the American people suffered.

"The Obama economy continues to plague the nation with the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression. While House Republicans continue to offer serious solutions, the only "jobs bills' Democrats can take credit for were failed government-funded stimulus bills.

"By implementing the House Republican Plan for America's Job Creators, Republicans have guided more than 30 bipartisan jobs bills through the House and onto Harry Reid's door step. Unfortunately, 28 of these House-passed jobs bills are still being blocked or ignored by Senate Democrats, while President Obama continues to fixate more on his re-election needs than America's jobs needs.

"Just last month, the president and his party had a golden opportunity to support a major job-creating initiative that would have created thousands of new jobs for the American people. The Democrats, again putting politics before people, failed to do the right thing and blew their opportunity to help millions of Americans who are struggling through the Obama economy.

"House Republicans have acted. We have done our job to create jobs, and will continue to do so in the New Year. Mr. President and congressional Democrats--it's time for you to start doing your jobs and help us turn this economy around."

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