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55 KRC-AM "Brian Thomas' Morning Show" - Transcript


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) called in to Brian Thomas' Morning Show on Cincinnati's 55 KRC-AM to discuss House Republicans' Plan for America's Job Creators as an alternative to the president's failed economic policies. Rep. Boehner noted that the president took "no responsibility" during the State of the Union Address for his failed policies and instead turned to "blame and division" instead of focusing on a united effort to promote private-sector job creation.

Boehner on President Obama's Failed Economic Policies

"Well, it is as if the president was giving his first state of the union address and he spent the last three years backpacking around Europe. As if, he has no responsibility for his policies. The facts are this: this election this year is going to be a referendum on the president's economic policies. They not only have not helped the economy grow, I would argue they've made it worse. Unemployment has been above 8 percent for 35 straight months. Gas prices have doubled since the president took office. The national debt is now $15.2 trillion. What we heard last night was more taxes, more spending, and more need for government."

Boehner on Bigger Government, Higher Taxes, and Excessive Regulations Hurting Private Sector Job Creation

"Listen, I think we have more government than the American people ever, ever dreamed we could have and more government is expensive. Most people would keep more of what they earned so that can take care of themselves and their family and their own community. But that's not how the president sees it…If we are serious about creating jobs, we need to stop the regulatory onslaught that we have underway here in Washington that is preventing employers from hiring new people."

Boehner on Republicans' "Common Sense Policies" That Will Get the American People Back to Work

"…the basic principle for this election is going to be a referendum on his economic politics. They have not worked and you could argue that they've made things worse. That's what is going to motivate voters and that's what is going to bring them to the polls…I think it is important that [Republicans] go out and tell the American people that what we need out of Washington is some certainty. Certainty over a tax system that is broken -- we need to fix our tax system, we need a flatter fairer system, both on the business side and the personal side. I think we need to make sure that every regulation coming out of Washington has some cost/benefit analysis to it. These are the kinds of common sense policies that I think will get our economy going again and get the American people back to work.

Boehner: "That Freedom is Getting Snuffed Out Day After Day, After Day with Higher Taxes, Bigger Government, and More Regulation"

"America's the greatest country on the face of the earth and it's great because this: John Kennedy in 1960 said, "A rising tide, lifts all boats.' What's made America great is we've had the freedom to express ourselves, the freedom to innovate, the freedom to grow, and that freedom is getting snuffed out day after day after day with higher taxes, bigger government, and more regulation. As a result, we won't achieve what we've been able to achieve. We will look more like Europe if we don't turn this around. That is why this election coming up in November may be the most important election of my lifetime."

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