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Tipton: "Join us, Mr. President, in Working for the American People"


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Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) issued this statement following the President's State of the Union address:

"I was hopeful that the President would extend an olive branch to Congress and lay out a plan tonight, making a genuine effort to work together to pass legislation that would put our country's economy on the path to recovery. The House has passed 28 pieces of legislation--many with bipartisan support--that would put people back to work, rein in spending and begin to pay back our country's debt. I was hopeful that the President would work with us on these 28 bills, and bring people together to fight for the future of our country, to produce real results for the hard working American people.

"The President had an opportunity tonight to unite the American people, but instead chose to divide for political gain, offering no authentic solutions, just the same old partisan rhetoric we've heard over the past three years. Since the President failed to reach out to us, I want to make the offer and invite him to work together. We have some great ideas on the table including: creating thousands of jobs and a reliable energy resource by building the Keystone pipeline; passing a budget that considers our children's future by responsibly reining in out of control spending and paying down the debt; reforms the tax code by eliminating loopholes and lowering rates to create economic growth. I ask the President to join the House in working for the American people.

"Above all else, I call upon the President to join me in working from the basic principle that Washington cannot continue to take from the American people and that if it's not paid for, then it's irresponsible for government to continue to spend."

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