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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position


Another hot-button issue on the minds of many are healthcare initiatives. Sam Cann has demonstrated a leadership role on several bills in this arena. Among them:

HB 2940 to allow dependents to remain on their parent's health insurance.

HB 4404 to develop discounts for medical plans and prescription
drugs with the requirement of insurance companies to cover basic cancer screenings such as breast, colon, and prostate.

HB 4354 allowing West Virginians to deduct long-term health care premiums from their federally-adjusted incomes.

HB 4373 Eliminating the twelve-month look-back period for certain children who have had employer sponsored insurance

HB 4155 Permitting revenues allocated to volunteer and part time fire departments to be used for Workers' Compensation premiums and length of service awards

HB 4425 supporting elderly and disabled veterans with the construction of nursing homes and assisted-living areas in their communities.

Other health care related causes include:

banning the practice of partial-birth abortions, creating a medical co-pay program for inmates, Increasing the criminal penalties for persons who obstruct, flee from or make false statements to law-enforcement officers and establishing procedures and criteria for the speedy payment of claims by health insurers.

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