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Rep. Rohrabacher Reacts to State of the Union


Location: Washington, DC

Tonight, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) released the following statement in reaction to President Obama's State of the Union

"The American people should be disappointed that instead of conducting a serious discussion with the nation, President Obama instead demonstrated his political agility by taking a stand on both sides of every major issue."

"He profusely praised the military yet he is the strongest advocate for cutting the military. He pledged himself to an "all of the above' policy to make America energy independent but just a few days ago nixed the Keystone Pipeline, one of the country's most important energy projects. He bragged about bailouts early in the speech and by the end of the speech proclaimed there should be no more bailouts. He puffed out his chest on Iran yet was demonstrably absent when not too long ago the Iranian people marched for democracy in the streets of Tehran."

"The fact the president's speech was filled with new agenda items is certainly reason for skepticism. Although he'd like us to, we should not forget, in his first two years as President, the Democrat party controlled both houses of Congress when he could have enacted any of the agenda items he advocated this evening. Yet he chooses to skirt responsibility and place blame everywhere else but on himself for his policy failures."

"Perhaps most disturbing was the President's attempt to pit Americans against each other along economic lines. President Obama has put the American people $5 trillion more in debt even while there's been a shameless enrichment of political cronies under this administration. It's enough to make Ulysses S. Grant blush."

"This speech was a missed opportunity. The country needs leadership and statesmanship and tonight we got political posturing."

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