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Issue Position: Clean Up Congress

Issue Position

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Term Limits for Congress

With accompanying pension and benefits reforms.

Congressional Job Performance Act

Congress does not get paid if it does not do its job. When Congressional gridlock causes partial or complete shutdown of federal agencies or the federal government, members of Congress shall receive no compensation or employment benefits until the agency or government is restored to full operational capacity.

Limit the influence of campaign donations on Congressional action

Ban Congressmen from accepting PAC/lobbyist money from industries directly regulated by committees they serve on.
Ban registered lobbyists from campaign contributions to federal candidates.
Ban government contractors and prospective contractors from lobbying Congress or donating to campaigns and federal committees.
Ban Too Big To Fail/bailed out banks from lobbying Congress or donating to federal candidates or PACs/SuperPACs

Pass the DISCLOSE Act

Pass the Congressional proposal that would force corporations, unions, and other groups to reveal the donors behind their political ads, in reaction to the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling.

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