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Ellmers Statement on Obama Power Grab


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers released the following statement from her office in Washington this afternoon:

"On Friday, President Obama put forth a proposal to consolidate several federal agencies into the Department of Commerce. In doing so, he called on Congress to fast track legislation that would grant him sweeping authority to orchestrate a new super agency while 'streamlining' our federal government."

"This proposal will consolidate agencies that deal with the private sector and business communities into a new entity that will make it easier for the president to enforce his anti-business policies and exude greater control over our economy. I agree that there are many federal agencies that are redundant, bureaucratic, and inefficient, but instead of eliminating them, the president is seeking to make them even stronger."

"Over the past three years, we have witnessed President Obama launch a full-on attack on the free enterprise system in a bid for greater power and the bloated federal bureaucracy we see today. From the regulatory war on small businesses launched by the EPA to the Obamacare upheaval of our medical system, each initiative put forth by the president has focused on granting more power and control to Washington."

"It was only a few weeks ago that the president over-stepped his authority and bypassed Congress to appoint a new head to the dangerous Consumer Financial Protection Agency. And now he comes to Congress seeking an up-or-down vote to reorganize the agencies responsible for American commerce. Any legislation that has such a substantial impact on the power and composition granted to federal agencies should have the full collaboration and input of Congress."

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