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Rep. Schweikert Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Require States' Approval Before Increasing Federal Debt


Location: Washington, DC

On Tuesday, Congressman David Schweikert (R-AZ) introduced H.J.Res 99, the National Debt Relief Amendment (NDRA). This constitutional amendment would require approval from a majority of states before Washington increases the federal debt level:

"Our national debt is more than a mind-blowing $15 trillion, which breaks down to nearly $49,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country.

"Washington has demonstrated an inability to rein in its reliance on debt and continues to mortgage our future with more borrowing, spending, and bailouts.

"This constitutional amendment will change our bailout culture by curbing the growth of our federal debt, creating transparency, and enforcing budget discipline.

"I encourage my colleagues to pass this bipartisan amendment and soon."


The NDRA will take away Congress' authority to increase the debt limit by requiring approval from a majority of state legislatures to increase the national debt. This will give a voice to all 50 states and create a more accountable and transparent political process by getting Washington out of the way.

The NDRA is policy neutral and does not place any limits on how much the federal government can tax or spend. It allows Congress to request an increase in federal debt when necessary and does not prevent our country from responding to a national crisis.

North Dakota and Louisiana have already adopted the NDRA and 17 more states are poised to do so in their next legislative sessions.

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