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Hartzler Says "NO" to More Reckless Obama Spending


Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) today stood up for her district and fiscal sanity for America by voting against President Obama's request to raise the debt ceiling by an additional $1.2 trillion. She has voted in favor of a resolution disapproving of the Obama Administration's request.

"At a time when our national debt stands at more than $15 trillion, it is unconscionable that the President would want to spend more and put this country deeper in debt," said Hartzler. "The debt has already risen by $4.6 trillion since President Obama took office -- the most rapid increase in the debt under any United States President."

"This staggering debt is putting a huge burden on our children and grandchildren," continued Hartzler. "The Congressional Budget Office reports 36 cents is borrowed from future generations for every new dollar of government spending. And the U.S. Treasury Department pegs every American's share of the national debt at $48,699. It is time to stop the madness!"

"As I travel throughout the 4th District and visit with the families I serve, I've heard an overriding theme -- "Stop the Runaway Spending!'" added Hartzler. "Mothers and fathers are not only concerned about the immediate impact the massive debt is having on our economy, but are concerned about what this will mean to future generations. We've got to quit saddling our children and grandchildren with so much debt."

"This out-of-control spending is hurting job-creation efforts as businesses and investors perceive future deficits as a harbinger of higher taxes and higher interest rates," Hartzler stated. "In testimony before the House Budget Committee in March of last year, former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin summed up our situation very well when he said, "For any employer contemplating locating in the United States or expansion of existing facilities and payrolls, rudimentary business planning reveals this to be an extremely unpalatable environment.' Clearly, we must stop the spending binge and we must stop it now."

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