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Issue Position: LGBT Equality & Civil Rights

Issue Position

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All Americans are entitled to equal treatment and recognition under the law. It is unjust, un-American and simply wrong for our government to pass laws that treat citizens differently based on their sexual-orientation, gender identity or gender expression. If elected to Congress, I will be a strong advocate for the wide-ranging issues facing the LGBT community across the country.

Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act:

I believe that two people who desire to make a lifelong commitment to build a future together should have the right to do so, and it should be called "marriage", plain and simple. Only by extending the full and complete rights, benefits, and protections that flow from marriage can we claim that all people and families are truly equal. I strongly hold that all Americans should be entitled to the unconditional right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation. As a member of Congress I will fight to institute equal recognition of marriage by repealing DOMA.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act:

No one should face discrimination in the workplace. Currently there is no federal protection for gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Americans from being unfairly treated in the workplace. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would add sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to the current list of employment discrimination protections that include age, gender, religion, race and disability. It is unconscionable to allow people to be legally discriminated against in the workplace and I will fight to end this by supporting The Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Uniting American Families Act:

Under current immigration law, straight U.S citizens and permanent residents have the ability to sponsor their spouses for immigration. Sadly, immigration law restricts gay and lesbian U.S citizens and legal permanent residents from sponsoring their same-sex partners for immigration. It is an unacceptable reality that countless same-sex couples have been torn apart due to this immigration law. I will work to unite these couples and stop the unjust immigration policies that have wrongfully discriminated against LGBT Americans through my support for the Uniting American Families Act.

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