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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Our economy stagnated after its dramatic crash, and the policies of the last 3 years failed to revive it. The best way to revive our economy and give our neighbors the dignity of a job is:

a. American Energy Policy

End our reliance of foreign oil through American energy sources, such as liquid natural gas, nuclear and oil exploration -- and build the Keystone Pipeline to bring North American oil to the US.

SOLUTION: Energy Policy that lowers the cost of energy by creating it here.

b. Regulatory Reform

Reduce the burden on entrepreneurs and businesses that is strangling jobs, while maintaining a safe, clean environment for our children.

SOLUTION: Cut regulations that strangle jobs, and enforce current laws that keep us safe, and prove new regulations are not redundant and will grow jobs.

c. Healthcare Reform

Since Obamacare passed, our health costs have continued to go up, our choices have continued to go down, and millions are still uninsured. The cost of fully implementing is potentially catastrophic, and still unknown. We need real reform that will get the job done, and people and businesses can understand.

SOLUTION: Repeal unconstitutional Obamacare, and pass health care reforms that will actually reduce costs and increase access.

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