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Issue Position: Spending & Debt

Issue Position

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Our national debt is approaching immoral, unsustainable levels from out of control spending. Washington must learn to live within its means like every American household does. To do that we must:

a. Reform Entitlements and the Tax Code

As the cost of entitlements explodes our Nation's Security is threatened and our country will go bankrupt like Greece. We must responsibly address these spiraling costs while keeping our word with our most vulnerable citizens. At the same time, the only way we can afford our future is by spurring rapid growth through boldly simplifying the tax code.

SOLUTION: Keep our promises by keeping Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare solvent, by reforming them and at the same time generate the revenue required by flattening and simplifying the tax code.

b. End the Fraud, Waste, Abuse

The federal government wasted over $500M on Solyndra in one year alone -- that's all the federal income taxes paid by about 80,000 families. Americans will pay their taxes as long as their dollars aren't wasted by politicians.

SOLUTION: Performance Audits that match funding to metrics, like business.

c. Balance the Budget, like our state does

We can't rely on China to keep buying our debt forever, and we can't trust Washington to do the right thing. We have to tie their hands and force them to live within their means, so we can pay down the Debt and our children will have a future.

SOLUTION: Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to force Washington to live within its means.

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