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Leader Cantor: President Obama's Decision On Keystone Is The Wrong Move For America


Location: Washington, DC

"Good afternoon. A few weeks ago, in fact on January 7th, in the President's Weekly Address, he vowed to "do whatever it takes' to get the economy moving and create jobs. So today, we see the President has shown that his actions do not match that rhetoric. By deciding to block the development of the Keystone pipeline, he has essentially decided to block the creation of 20,000 new jobs.

"As has been said by our Speaker before, this was a bipartisan pipeline project, with bipartisan support in the House that will put people back to work right away and will boost our domestic energy security. Examples have been shown that the energy supply will go elsewhere and the jobs connected with this project will go elsewhere. Either we are going to get serious about the number one issue, which is creation of jobs, or not.

"Clearly the President has decided that he is not serious if this is the decision he's going to make on this particular project. There is no question that our belief is the President's policies have consistently failed to create jobs. This decision is another wrong move for America and the small businesses that we need so desperately to start creating jobs again."

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