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Issue Position: Abortion

Issue Position

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I would love to live in a world where no one was ever faced with having to make this difficult decision. Reality is that abortion cannot be outlawed. If it were illegal to have an abortion, women would be subject to brutal "alley abortions'. Some would go there voluntarily and some would be forced into it. Either way, this is not good enough for America's women.

Personally, my family has benefited from adoption for 3 generations. My father is adopted, two of my four cousins are adopted, and our oldest daughter is adopted. I can't imagine life without any of them! We have a wonderful family and will be forever grateful to the women that chose adoption instead of abortion.

What I don't like about abortion is the system. Abortion clinics are not accountable, and this is needs to be changed. If complications occur during an abortion, typically an ambulance is called and the patient is transported to a hospital. Additionally, if there are complications following an abortion, the patient is told to go to her doctor or a hospital. There is no accountability for the abortion clinics; therefore they are just a little better than a sterilized "alley abortion'.
Two things I would like to see changed:

1) Abortion clinics must have emergency physicians and equipment on-hand to handle any complications that might occur. The life of their patients are at stake and no other medical facility that performs surgeries are excused from this type of accountability. Every other physician is required to provide first class service to their patients: before, during, and after procedures-the same should apply at abortion clinics. Follow-up appointments should be required for all Abortion Clinics. Doctors should know their patients and provide the best medical care possible...not "pass the buck" to a doctor at another medical facility when something goes wrong.

2) Typically, medical facilities are financed through charitable giving and by payment of patients for health care; whether through insurance, Medicaid, or payment plans. I believe Abortion Clinics should operate the same way. They consider themselves a medical clinic; therefore they should operate as one

Bottom line: Abortion is not going away. It is time we addressed this issue with compassion and fairness. Personally, my family benefitted greatly from adoption and I don't agree with abortion as a form of birth control. However, we must acknowledge this is a difficult and individual decision. For those who chose abortion, they should be entitled to total care from a physician who will take personal responsibility and provide quality and follow-up care. But, for those who morally disagree with abortion, they should not be forced to fund it...just like atheists are not required to fund churches in their community.

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