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Debate Offers Oregonians a Clear Choice -- Bonamici Will Bring the Right Priorities to Congress

Press Release

Location: Beaverton, OR

Suzanne Bonamici tonight demonstrated that she is the only candidate in the special election for Oregon's First Congressional District who Oregonians can trust to bring the right priorities to Congress.

"Congress has pretty low approval ratings these days," said Bonamici. "And it's no wonder -- with people out of work -- too many foreclosures -- with hunger and homelessness on the rise -- we need Congress to stop playing politics and do its job. We need someone who will tackle the debt and deficit but do it with the right priorities."

Suzanne's opponent, on the other hand, demonstrated that he is willing to say anything to get elected and does not share the priorities of the First Congressional District.

* Suzanne has a plan to create jobs in both the short term and long term, while Rob Cornilles' plan relies on trickle-down economics that won't create one immediate job for Oregonians who need a job right now.
* Suzanne will end tax cuts for millionaires to reduce the debt and invest it in education and job training. Cornilles, on the other hand, would vote to extend the Bush tax cuts for millionaires and has said he would cut Social Security and Medicare before the defense budget.
* Suzanne understands that climate change is a serious issue that requires serious action. Cornilles says he's not running for scientist, but still proclaims with confidence that there is "absolutely no science" that humans affect climate change, a position squarely at odds with scientific consensus.
* And finally, Cornilles has demonstrated time and again that he is willing to say anything to get elected. In an Oregonian PolitiFact article published this afternoon, he received a rating of "Pants of Fire," for his false attack ad against Suzanne that is currently on television.

That is why more Oregonians have come together in support of Suzanne, including over 40 small business owners, the Independent Party of Oregon, Democrats, Republicans, and advocacy groups representing seniors, education, public safety, labor, women's issues, environmental issues and more. Most recently, the Daily Astorian and The Oregonian have also endorsed Suzanne, praising her experience, intellect and values over those of her opponent.

The Daily Astorian:
"The values difference between Cornilles and Bonamici is clear. Cornilles tries to distance himself from ideologically driven, tea party Republicans in the House. In showdowns with President Obama, Cornilles would certainly side with the GOPbloc, in opposition. On social issues such as abortion, Cornilles is pro-life.

"[Bonamici] would, for instance, vote to end the Bush tax break for the wealthiest Americans. Moreover, she grasps that growing income disparity is not good for America. She is pro-choice.

"Our choice in this race is Suzanne Bonamici. It is not just that she has been a legislator, while Cornilles has not. She has been a stand-out in Salem. Willamette Week -- whose biennial legislative ratings are informed by legislators, staff and lobbyists -- twice ranked Bonamici at the very top. One of WW's sources said he thought Bonamici read every bill that came before the state Senate."

The Oregonian:

"…in background and in understanding of the issues, Cornilles can't match Bonamici…

"…Besides Cornilles' lack of experience in how legislatures work, the candidates' differences are sharply displayed in issue presentation… Bonamici has a much deeper understanding of the details of the process, and how issues connect to other issues…

"…Bonamici is the clear choice to represent the 1st district and raise its profile in Washington, D.C."

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