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Baldwin on Preventing Government Shutdown


Location: Unknown

"Today, I joined a majority of my colleagues in voting for this bipartisan compromise to avoid a government shutdown.

Given the size and scope of this legislation, there are provisions I strongly support that will benefit the people of Wisconsin and some that I believe do more harm than good. That being said, it is a dramatic improvement over what was initially proposed by House Republicans.

For the third time this year, Republican intransigence has brought us to the brink of a government shutdown. This kind of game playing is unnecessary and has to end. The American people are struggling and we need to bring serious solutions to the table to address our unemployment crisis.

While we have avoided another government shutdown, our work is not yet done. It is my hope that compromise on this legislation will lead my Republican colleagues to stop playing games and work with Democrats to create jobs and extend the payroll tax cut that Wisconsin's middle class and working families desperately need and deserve. The clock is ticking."

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