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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position


I believe that there are workable solutions available that will enhance the quality of education to all children in America. The first step is to work with parents and educators to find ways to lower the drop-out rate. The current drop-out is around 50 percent in the First Congressional district.

We must work together to create a re-entry program for kids that have dropped-out of school. The second solution, is to provide funding for the training of teachers and school administrators to adapt to new and up-to-date teaching techniques as well as the ever- changing technology in today's society.

I will also fight to increase funding for vocational training and college education that all students who want to attend college or vocational training will be able to do so.

When it comes to student loans, my quest will be to increase the time span in which students will have to begin their payback process. Students have up to six months after graduation before they are required to start paying back their student loans, my goal would be to increase that grace period by six months. That would give graduating students one year before they will have to begin paying back their loans. As a result, to this, it will give the student ample time to find a job and adjust to their new independence and responsibility.

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