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Landry Statement on Payroll Tax Extension


Location: New Iberia, LA

Congressman Jeff Landry (R, LA-03) issued the following statement regarding the two-month extension of the payroll tax holiday:

"Once again, Washington politicians have taken the easy way out -- kicking the can down the road instead of addressing our problems head on, providing long-term certainty, and putting our country back on a path to prosperity. Just like August when Washington politicians voted to raise the debt ceiling, today's announcement highlights the lack of fortitude from career politicians.

I am disappointed by Washington's latest failure because since the debate on this has started -- I have fought hard to extend the payroll tax holiday for a year, to extend the unemployment insurance for a year, and to extend Medicare reimbursements to doctors for two years. And I am disappointed the President and Senate Democrats have turned our workers, seniors, and doctors into political pawns for class warfare.

Perhaps the American people's approval rating of Congress is too high since Washington is filled with career politicians more concerned about their next election than the next generation. Even though Washington politicians have failed our hard-working families today, I stay resolved to continue fighting for American families and businesses and to put people over politics."

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