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Hall Votes for Payroll Tax Cut Extention


Location: Washington, DC

Today Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) voted with a majority in the House to send the House payroll-tax cut extension bill to a House-Senate Conference so that a compromise can be reached before the year's end.

"I am disappointed that the Senate chose to go home early for the holidays rather than stay and work on a year-long solution," Hall said. "The Senate's short-term, two-month solution does not provide the certainty that job creators and workers need."

"According to the National Federation of Independent Business, the Senate's short-term proposal would add further complications and inefficiencies for small business employers and employees during the busiest time of the year," Hall added. "At a time when our economy continues to struggle and so many Americans are out of work, short-term solutions are unacceptable."

"The bill the House passed last week would extend the payroll tax cut by a full year, providing much-needed certainty. The House's bill would also extend unemployment benefits for a year, while refocusing the program to do what it was designed for -- ensuring that it doesn't merely hand people a check, but helps people find jobs.

"It's time for the Senate to come back and work with the House to find a solution. There is still time left this year, and all of Washington has a responsibility to the American people -- a responsibility that should not be compromised for early vacation.

"I will be available and will work to ensure that American families are provided with the long-term job certainty they need. My constituents' needs remain my first priority."

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