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Chinese Currency Manipulation

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CRITZ. Mr. Speaker, over the past several weeks, we have heard a lot of rhetoric about how this House has passed so many jobs bills that are sitting in the Senate waiting for action. But I want to talk about one bill that actually passed the Senate, and it is waiting in the House for action, and that is going after countries that manipulate their currency, of which China is the largest violator.

The bill has been sitting in committee since February with no Republican action. A discharge petition has sat at this desk for the last 5 months with no Republican action. It remains just 30 signatures shy of forcing action on Chinese currency manipulation, which estimates show could create 1.5 million jobs in this country.

So I want to urge the citizens of this country to call their Republican Congressmen to urge this Republican House that as they open their presents over this holiday season and they open those boxes and find those little tags that say ``made in China,'' call your Republican Congressman, call this Republican House, and say thank you, thank you for putting party before country. Tell them, put country before party. Don't put China's economy before the United States'.

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