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Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WALZ OF MINNESOTA. Mr. Speaker, again, this august body displayed the worst of what we can do. The opportunity to try and compromise was there. I have to say, last week I supported a bill put forward by my Republican friends, sent it to the Senate. It came back. And as the previous speaker said, I didn't even get a chance to vote on it. The real tragedy here is that there is another piece of legislation that is being held up that the American public knows needs to happen.

We can have a difference of political opinions across the aisle. The one that needs to get done is to believe people here are playing by the rules. The Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge, the insider-trading bill that's 18 pages long, it's been sitting around for 6 years. It now has 240 bipartisan cosponsors. It is now suddenly buried and gone. The American people demand us to do one thing: be honest and work for them. That bill can ensure that happens.

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