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Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Endorses Congressman Hansen Clarke's Detroit Jobs Trust Fund Act


Location: Detroit, MI

Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, issued the following statement in support of Congressman Hansen Clarke's Detroit Jobs trust Fund Act:

"I support the Detroit Jobs Trust Fund Act. This innovative legislation would turn around Detroit, the Metro region, and the nation as a whole. By taking federal taxes Detroit residents and businesses already pay and reinvesting them in Detroit, the city would be able to become financially secure without an emergency financial manager. The $10 billion over five years would pay off the debt of the City and the public school and improve Detroit's schools, public safety, and infrastructure. Additionally, by requiring the City of Detroit to eliminate its income tax and reduce property taxes, it would create a more favorable climate to attract residents and businesses back to Detroit. We need to invest in Detroit, not try to cut our way out of the current fiscal situation. This bill works to give Detroit a hand up, not a handout, by using its own money to put it on solid financial ground and make it more attractive to businesses and families."

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