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Nugent Stance on Payroll Tax Situation


Location: Washington, DC

Upon returning to Washington to work out differences with the Senate over the Payroll Tax Extension, Rep. Rich Nugent (FL-05) issued the following statement:

"Last week, the House voted to extend the payroll tax cut for an entire year. The Senate decided they couldn't lift anything that heavy, so they voted to extend the tax relief for only eight weeks. What is the practical impact of that? Working families and small businesses will be left wondering if their tax withholding is going up again in just two months time. That doesn't bode well for certainty, and that means consumer confidence is weakened. We can't string American families along like this. It's not good for them and that means it's not good for job recovery.

"My colleagues in the House and I are committed to working out the differences between the two bills with the Senate. That's why we came back. I just hope that the senators are willing to do the same.

"Listen, I want to get home for the holidays as much as the next guy - I've got sons coming home from Iraq and I'm anxious to spend as much time with them as I can, but the bottom line is, the people's work comes first. There are millions of families living paycheck-to-paycheck who are wondering where they are going to be eight weeks from now. I want to put their concerns at ease and I think the Senate should consider that too."

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