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Statement by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur on Latest Budget Standoff in Washington, DC


Location: Washington, DC

Here we go again. Another phony crisis, courtesy of the extremists in the House Republican Caucus.

House Republicans have never met a deal that they couldn't find a reason to dislike. They abhor compromise so much that they've now resorted to fighting their colleagues in the other body in order to avoid doing something positive for the country such as cutting the payroll tax, or extending jobless benefits, or approving a Medicare fix for our doctors.

House Republican leadership consistently approaches the serious business of legislating as if it were nothing more than a game of "chicken." They threatened to shut down the government over the debt ceiling earlier this year. What did that get us? The Super Committee.

Now they want to hold hostage three important steps to help our economy--all in the name of a pipeline, apparently.

But it weren't the pipeline, it would be something else. Because what the Republicans really want is gridlock. Can there any longer be any doubt?

One hundred sixty million American families want a payroll tax cut; the House Republicans want to play politics.

Millions of Americans need unemployment benefits; House Republicans need to fight.

And it doesn't matter with whom. If they can't fight with Democrats who are standing up for the middle class, they'll fight with their colleagues in the other body.

Here's what I want for Christmas: I want the Republicans to care half as much about manufacturing jobs as they care about manufacturing crises.

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