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Hearing of the HouseSubcommittee on Transportation Security of the House Committee on Homeland Security - A Review of Passenger Screening Technology at U.S. Airports


Location: Washington, DC

I would like to welcome everyone to this hearing and thank our distinguished
witnesses for being here. We look forward to your testimony and greatly
appreciate your time.

The purpose of this hearing is to examine the technology that is currently
operated by TSA at passenger screening checkpoints in U.S. airports.
Congress has appropriated millions of dollars over the last several years to
support TSA's plans for updating and improving technology in the field.
Some of these plans, including the deployment of the infamous "puffer
machines" and certain shoe scanning equipment, turned out to be poorly planned and poorly managed investments that did not add to our overall

To ensure these types of technology gaffes do not burden taxpayers in the
future, this Subcommittee continues to conduct oversight on procurement
reform and recently held a series of hearings with representatives from the
private sector and the Department on this topic.

Although checkpoint screening represents only one of TSA's many layers of
security, it is one layer we cannot afford to get wrong. Now more than ever,
it is imperative that TSA continue to develop new and innovative technology
in an effort to combat emerging threats to aviation. This hearing is an
opportunity to discuss technology capabilities and gaps, and work together
toward finding appropriate solutions.

With that I now recognize the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee, the
gentle lady from Texas, Ms. Jackson-Lee for an opening statement

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