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District of Columbia Personal Protection Act

Location: Washington, DC

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PERSONAL PROTECTION ACT -- (House of Representatives - September 29, 2004)

Mr. SOUDER. Mr. Speaker, pursuant to House Resolution 803, I call up the bill (H.R. 3193) to restore second amendment rights in the District of Columbia, and ask for its immediate consideration.


Mr. CLAY. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentlewoman for yielding me this time.

Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to this legislation which will turn the District of Columbia into a security nightmare. Just over 2 weeks ago, this body ignored the appeals of law enforcement and ignored overwhelming public opinion and allowed the ban on assault weapons to expire.

Now, Members of this body are trying to repeal every one of the District of Columbia's firearms laws. Since the 9/11 disaster, the Federal Government has directed billions of taxpayer dollars to make our Nation's capital safer for residents, commuters, tourists, public officials and the law enforcement professionals dedicated to public safety.

Today, security is the single overwhelming challenge facing our Nation. As I speak, the Capitol Hill Police are manning checkpoints around the perimeter of the Capitol, searching private automobiles and inspecting public buses. Law enforcement officials have bravely risen to this challenge of the terrorist threat that exploded in our skies.

Mr. Speaker, this bill makes a mockery out of law enforcement's commitment to safeguard the Nation's Capitol and to protect the Members of this Congress. This body should be ashamed to engage in such hypocrisy.


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