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Hahn "It's Time to End the War in Afghanistan"


Location: Washington, DC

This afternoon, Congresswoman Janice Hahn (CA-36) voted to end the war in Afghanistan when she voted against the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). The NDAA authorizes almost $670 billion for defense programs in 2012, including $115.5 billion for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

"It is time to end the war in Afghanistan," said Rep. Hahn. "Too many lives have been lost, too many tears have been shed and too many dollars have been spent for this war to continue. President Obama travelled to Fort Bragg today to honor the brave service of our military men and women as we officially withdraw our final combat units from Iraq. Despite the end of that war, another continues in Afghanistan. Our best course of action for our armed forces, their families, who have born the weight of these wars, and our national security is to bring them home."

"The NDAA does contain several programs which I strongly support," Rep. Hahn explained. "For some time, military personnel who are victims of sexual assault suffered from a lack of legal and confidentiality protections and other deficiencies in the training of those who respond and handle their cases. This bill adopts a set of recommendations to help victims and punish offenders."

"In addition, the defense bill will reauthorize a very successful small business program that spurs small business innovation and job creation. Small businesses will also benefit from the streamlined process for applications and requirement that application reviews be completed in a more timely fashion."

"But in the end I could not support this bill because it authorizes funds to continue the war in Afghanistan. It is time we bring that money home and create jobs."

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