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Unemployment Insurance Extension

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. Over 13 million Americans are looking for work. That means for every one job opening in the United States, there are four Americans actively seeking employment. Another 10 million people have given up looking for a full-time job altogether because companies just aren't hiring.

These are real people. They are more than just numbers. Ellen Andrews lost her job last year. She's been supporting herself and her 1-year-old son Henry with her unemployment benefits. They help her keep the lights on and keep food in the house until she can get a job.

But the Republican plan will change all that. It will cut 40 weeks of Federal benefits out from under people like Ellen; and it will force partisan policies, like the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, on to a bill that should be all about helping American families.

With the holidays around the corner, Congress should be about giving America hope and security, not playing partisan politics.

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