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Towns Urges Swift House Vote on Senate Compromise Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Edolphus "Ed" Towns (D-NY10) released a statement today urging a swift vote by the House of Representatives on the Senate's compromise bill.

"I again urge my Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives to allow a vote on the Senate Compromise bill as quickly as possible. This bill, supported by 90 percent of the Senate--including 39 Republican senators--will extend the payroll tax cut, provide unemployment insurance benefits, and prevent a significant reimbursement cut for Medicare doctors through the month of February. This is the only way to ensure that working Americans will not see their taxes go up at the beginning of the New Year and give Congress ample time to negotiate an extension for a full year.

"At this late date there is very little chance that we can begin a conference process and resolve the differences between the Senate's bill and provisions sought by House Republicans before the end of the year. I believe the Senate bill will pass in the House of Representatives if Speaker Boehner will allow us to vote on it.

"This would be the best Christmas and holiday present we can give to many struggling families and to the nation as a whole. I pray that we all understand that we sink and swim together as a nation and pledge to get this country back on track in the New Year."

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