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Statement of U.S. Rep. Brad Miller on Payroll Tax Cut


Location: Washington, DC

The Republican leadership today refused to allow a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on a bipartisan Senate compromise bill to extend the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits and Medicare payments to physicians. As a result, Republicans will be responsible when middle-class families see their tax increases on January 1.

The GOP leadership is willing to let taxes increase for middle-class families and for American businesses in order to appease the most extreme element of their party. They are not allowing a vote in the House on this bill because they are afraid it will pass.

Compromises usually require some nose-holding, and this compromise is no exception. But with millions of families struggling in a tough economy, I'm not going to vote to kick workers off extended unemployment benefits or end the break that 160 million Americans are getting on payroll taxes.The compromise to extend payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits obviously included House Republican leaders whatever they may say now. Their going back on that compromise now will make it very difficult to negotiate any compromise in the future.

House Republicans' political game of brinksmanship has already cost the United States a credit downgrade. The failure to extend unemployment benefits and extending the payroll tax cut may well push our struggling economy back into a recession.

Republicans say they are doing this because they are tired of business as usual, so they have decided to prevent any business from taking place. The refusal to bring the vote to the House floor is obstructing government and goes against the will of the American people.

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