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President Delays Sanctions on Iran


Location: Washington, DC

The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency's report last month confirmed that Iran had successfully "cold-tested" all the components of a nuclear warhead. In response to the administration's attempt to delay and water down proposed sanctions on Iran behind closed doors,Congressman Trent Franks AZ-02 states:

"For years, the Iranian regime has been inexorably pursuing nuclear weapon capabilities. The fact that the IAEA's report confirmed this should surprise no one. Yet despite overwhelming bipartisan efforts in the House and Senate to curtail Iran's nuclear ambitions through important provisions in the FY12 National Defense Authorization Act, the Obama Administration has continuously attempted to soften our stance on Iran, going so far as to strong-arm Democrats to adopt the Administration's position that delays implementation and grossly dilutes the severity of sanctions.

"The Administration's argument that failing to delay sanction implementation for 180 days will spook oil markets and cause economic shock is a fallacious one. In truth, the oil markets have been aware of the impending sanctions and their potential impact. We may not have 180 days before Iran reaches a break-out point, beyond which no amount of intervention will prevent a nuclear bomb.

"To delay sanctions on Iran even further by pushing back implementation for almost half a year, endangers not only our most precious ally in the Middle East, Israel, but the entire human family. Sanctions should begin immediately, on Day one, not Day 180, Mr. President.

"Iran's malicious intent is clear and President Obama should at long last make it unequivocally clear to Iran, and to the entire world, that the United States will do everything necessary, including direct military intervention, to prevent this rogue nation from obtaining nuclear weapons."

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