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Rep. Bonner Calls for One Year Extension of Payroll Tax Relief


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jo Bonner, R-Alabama, joined the House in voting today for conferees to negotiate a year-long payroll tax relief extension bill with the Senate.

The vote comes one week after the House voted on its own bill providing a year-long extension of payroll tax relief. The House measure was rejected by the Senate in favor a two-month extension.

"American workers need assurance, not cobbled together short-term fixes. Today's vote signals the House's willingness to work through Christmas to reach an agreement on a year-long extension, rather than leave workers with the uncertainty of only a two-month tax cut," Congressman Bonner said.

"Last week, the House sent the Senate a bill that not only extended the payroll tax relief for a full year, but also provided a way to pay for the tax relief without raising taxes. Sadly, the Senate simply punted, passing a shell of our bill that extends the payroll tax cut only through February.

"Unfortunately, this is indicative of the overall failure of the Senate to pass the more than two dozen jobs bills already cleared by the House this year. Rather than serving a useful purpose, the Senate, under Majority Leader Harry Reid, has effectively assumed the role of a roadblock to progress by ignoring or rejecting economic reforms passed by the House.

"As we approach January first, I would offer to Senator Reid that it's not too late to make a New Year's resolution to work with the House and clear the legislative logjam that has gripped the Senate for the last twelve months. He can begin by working with the House to pass a year-long extension of payroll tax relief."

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