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The American People are Watching and Waiting on the U.S. Senate to Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BONNER. Mr. Speaker, with the American people looking on, Members of the House, once again, find ourselves in a waiting position--waiting and waiting and waiting on Senator Reid and his Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate as they decide whether they are going to let the government shut down tomorrow night at midnight; whether they are going to let tax relief for millions of Americans, middle class families, expire at the end of this month; whether they are going to let long-term unemployment benefits expire; and whether they are going to keep America's doctors from being hammered with a 27 percent increase on their Medicare reimbursement.

Mr. Speaker, the people's House is doing the people's work. As you know, we've passed 28 bills, all aimed at creating new American jobs. Sadly, all the majority on the other side of the Capitol seem able to do is poke sticks at what we've done, but they haven't offered a realistic option or passed a single thing.

Mr. Speaker, the clock is ticking, and the American people are watching and waiting on the Senate to act.

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