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Gov. Roemer Makes the Case To Iowa Voters


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Governor Charles E. "Buddy" Roemer, who has come out of nowhere of late to surpass Rick Perry in the polls in New Hampshire, and is neck and neck with Jon Huntsman in an Iowa poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, released the following statement to the participants of the Iowa Caucus:

"For the second straight week the Iowa polls have me at 2%. This, combined with the musical chairs phenomenon of GOP frontrunners, demonstrates that Iowans are as unsettled as the rest of the nation as to who they want to support for President. And they should be. This is a weak field of inexperienced candidates who are all perfectly comfortable saying anything to get elected."

"Iowans are a pretty savvy bunch. You know that a person's boss is who signs his check, but how many of you know who signs the checks of candidates you are considering in your caucus? What do you think any of the good ol' boy politicians will be able to do as long as they are taking millions of dollars from special interests? Do you think Romney will reform the Wall Street banks when he's been holding fundraisers with Goldman Sachs executives and betting his fellow candidates $10,000? Do you think Newt can do anything at all to enact health care reform, when the same health insurance and pharmaceutical companies that financed Obama are contributing to his campaign? And what are the chances that Huntsman will demand fair trade with China when his billionaire daddy and the Huntsman Corp. profit from outsourcing American jobs to China?"

"I'm challenging Iowans to be more discerning about who they pick. A four-term Congressman and a Governor is a good start. Everyone wants to pick a winner. I'm asking Iowa to pick a President, and to send a clear message to Washington, D.C., the capital of corruption, that the Presidency is not for sale. Send that message, and I guarantee that as your President, we will usher in a period of economic growth and prosperity the likes of which America hasn't seen in generations. I'm challenging Iowa to stand up to corruption in politics. Stand with Buddy Roemer."

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