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McConnell Names Kyl, Crapo, Barrasso to Keystone/Payroll Negotiations


Location: Louisville, KY

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced the three Senate Republican members of the conference committee on Keystone XL Pipeline jobs, extending additional unemployment insurance, the temporary payroll tax holiday and seniors' access to medical care: Sens. Jon Kyl, Senate Republican Whip; Sen. Mike Crapo, member of the Senate Finance Committee; and John Barrasso, chairman-elect of the Republican Policy Committee.

"These three Senators will help lead our efforts to focus on the areas of agreement between the House and Senate approaches to these expiring provisions. Both the Senate and House produced bills that require the President to quickly make a decision on whether to support thousands of U.S. manufacturing jobs through the Keystone XL pipeline, and were fully paid for without raising taxes on job creators. Both extended current law on additional unemployment insurance payments, the temporary payroll tax holiday, seniors' access to medical care and TANF. And both were passed with bipartisan support," McConnell said. "But as we move into the new year, it's crucial for everyone to realize that, once this temporary extension is behind us, the larger goal is to move beyond a discussion of temporary assistance, and toward a bipartisan plan to get our economy moving again, reform the tax code, and preserve and protect entitlement programs for future generations."

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